How to Be More CONFIDENT Around Women…

We all know that confidence is one of the most attractive male qualities…

Yet, it can be hard to know exactly what being confident really means or how to gain confidence without trying too hard or becoming a cocky, arrogant “jerk.”

So what does being genuinely confident really mean when it comes to women?

Three main things:

  1. Knowing EXACTLY what to do/expect with women…
  2. Knowing EXACTLY what you want when it comes to women…
  3. Feeling genuinely good about yourself and your value to women…

So, in this presentation, we cover 9 things that will help you increase each of those 3 areas of confidence so you can enjoy dating more and get better results:

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*Use COURAGE to take action when you feel nervous or afraid. These small moments of courage can lead to a PERMANENT new level of genuine confidence.

*Are you being more like Red Bull or more like a beggar when it comes to dating? Switch your mindset to giving freely vs. trying to get something and you’ll feel more confident and relaxed automatically.

*The key to being confident without being cocky is not COMPARING yourself to anyone else. You’re not better OR worse than anyone else; you’re just AWESOME. That’s genuine, attractive confidence.

Listen to the presentation to learn more…




P.S. Want a little more help overcoming obstacles on the way to becoming your most confident self with women? Check out this article by Sebastian Harris: “21 Lessons I Learned on My Journey to Unshakable Confidence.” His story is extremely inspiring, very real, and immediately actionable in your own life.

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