How to Get Your Ex Back

So you just got broken up with or divorced…

It hurts.


“Hurts” is probably not a strong enough description.

It absolutely SUCKS to feel this way.

And now you want her back.

So what’s the first thing you should do to get your ex back?



Two Reasons:

1. IF she has any interest in you left whatsoever, the ONLY thing that MIGHT work is to pull back and wait instead of chasing after her.

Then, she’ll come back to you when SHE’S ready.

At that point, her interest in you can start going back up.

If you “try to get her back” instead of pulling back and waiting in this scenario, it will CRUSH the last little bit of her interest in you into oblivion and then she’s definitely gone forever.

2. If her interest in you is already at zero, there is NOTHING you can do to get her back.

Anyone who tells you there is simply wants to take your money and capitalize on your pain and desperation.

We will NEVER do that.

And even if you do get her back in this case, she will never think of you as a man who is worthy of her attraction and love.

The problems that caused your breakup will still be there and you’ll repeat the cycle again.

She’ll never forget the things you did that drove her interest in you into the ground.

The best thing you can do is to move on and start fresh with a new woman.

Now, I know you don’t want to hear that right now.

At all.

We aren’t robots and your emotions are real.

It takes time to heal and move on.

So here’s what I recommend:

1. Bookmark this page.

2. Go out and buy every “get your ex back” program you can find.

3. Take action on what you learn from those programs. Try everything to get her back.

4. When, after a few weeks or months, you realize that you can’t get her back and/or realize that it wouldn’t be that awesome even if you could and you’re finally ready to move on, come right back to this page and click here to get The Formula program (FREE) so you’ll never have an “ex” again unless YOU want to.

It will show you exactly what to do to attract a devoted girlfriend or wife and make sure she never wants to leave you so this never happens to you again.

And, be kind to yourself as you go through this process.

If you do, you’ll be able to use this as a HUGE opportunity for personal growth when you’re ready.

Good luck and I’ll see you back here in a few weeks boss.

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***And, if you do manage to get your ex back, AND she’s actually deeply in love with you, AND you have a great relationship with her moving forward, let us know! We would love to be wrong about this and share the solution you found with thousands of other awesome guys here. Email us at: datingadvice4menwholovewomen [at]

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