How to Know if She’s “The One”

The first thing you should do if you want to know for sure if a woman is “the one” you should marry is IGNORE the all-too-common advice that, “When it’s right, you just know…”


Well, first of all, it’s just what people say when they don’t have a better answer.

Secondly, these kinds of answers are not based on anything other than magical thinking and are part of the reason the divorce rate is so high and why only about 10-30% of relationships are happy, healthy, and functional.

If you want to know the REALITY of whether or not she’s the right choice for you, you have to look at the factors that lead to being satisfied in a relationship with someone long-term.

And that’s exactly what this article is about.

Now, If you’ve ever been “rejected,” dumped, broken up with, cheated on, divorced by a woman, or otherwise had your heart beaten up and SMASHED into a million pieces…

First of all, you’re not alone.

Almost EVERY man who’s ever lived has experienced some type of “negative” outcome with a woman.

And the most successful guys usually experience MORE “rejection” than the average man…

Second, there are ONLY three reasons why it happened:

  1. She was never truly interested in you from the beginning. If that’s the case, there is NOTHING you could have done.
  1. Your behavior didn’t follow the 8 principles that attract her and keep her in love.
  2. You chose the wrong woman.

Or some combination of these three things.

That’s really all there is to it.

So how can we make sure it’s never #3 again…?


What (really) makes a “good” woman?


When a smart guy goes through a nasty breakup or divorce, he starts asking good questions to make sure it never happens again…

…and one of the most common questions I get from these intelligent men is the following:

“How do I know if any particular woman is “right” for me? How can I be sure she’s a “good” woman? I thought I knew my girlfriend/wife, but it turns out I really didn’t. I’m not sure if I should trust my feelings about any particular woman at this point…I don’t want to go through this again…can you help?”

Then I say, “First of all, you’re asking a great question, so you’ll get a great answer. Secondly, OF COURSE I can help you with that, that’s what I’m here for!”

Here’s the thing: we have to TRAIN OURSELVES to look for certain qualities in a woman.

Our bodies reward us for seeking women who are fertile. And your genes don’t care AT ALL about “YOU” or your HAPPINESS.

(I know, I know, your genes don’t actually “care” about anything really, but you get my point).

Just like when it comes to eating…

Your body wants you to eat salt, sugar, and fat.

And back in the day, those things were hard to find…

…but if you followed exactly what your body wants right now, you’d end up eating McDonald’s for every meal followed by cake and ice cream.

So just like you have to TRAIN yourself to eat healthy food because the current environment is different than when our bodies first evolved, you also have to TRAIN yourself to look for qualities in a woman that lead to SATISFACTION over the long-term.

Because your body doesn’t care about that. We live WAY longer than before, so it’s more important than ever.

It’s different to live to age 40 like we used to and try to have a family than it is to be with someone for 20, 30, 50, or even 75 years!

If you were forced to live with one other person in a cabin in the woods for 50 years, would she be your first choice?

That’s a great place to start when it comes to whether a woman is “right” for you or not.

And then there are 11 specific things to look for in a woman that will give you the best chance of being deeply SATISFIED with her 10, 20, or 50 years from now:

In this presentation I reveal the 4 deal-breakers and 7 qualities to look for in a woman:


These qualities are based on solid relationship satisfaction research. Science! haha…


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Jim Wolfe is on a mission to help you permanently solve your dating and relationship problems on the way to helping 100,000 men live their ideal life with their ideal women and helping to increase the percentage of happy, healthy relationships from 30% up to 40%.

Jim has been studying dating and relationships from the male perspective for over 12 years. Now, he has clients in 37 countries and counting and is the author of the “Attract and Keep Her” best-selling dating and relationship system for men.