Pizza + Female DESIRE

Have you ever CRAVED a slice of delicious, hot, perfectly-cooked pizza?

I know I have…

…Even though I’m extremely health-conscious, sometimes I just can’t resist an amazing pizza.

It’s my favorite “cheat meal.”

So imagine for a moment that you’re really hungry and all you can think about is your favorite pizza…

Now, let me ask you what might seem like a silly question at first:

Do you care if the pizza likes you back?

Of course not!

Pizza CAN’T even like you, love you, or want you back if it wanted to…

Yet, you still want it.

See, your interest in the pizza has NOTHING to do with how much the pizza likes you.

You simply want the pizza.

And that’s where your success with women comes in…

Here’s how the pizza analogy ties in:

The biggest mistake I see guys make when it comes to dating is that they think that telling a woman how much they like her will somehow make her want him.

Like if she only knew how much he liked/loved her, and that no other guy could possibly be so interested in her, she would like/love him back…

…The truth is that SHE DOESN’T CARE about your interest in her UNLESS she’s already interested in you first

This “strategy” doesn’t work at all, and not because we have to “play games” or anything like that, it’s just because:

Your interest in her has NOTHING to do with her interest in you.

It’s irrelevant.

She wants you because SHE wants YOU; not because YOU want HER.

…Just like you want pizza even though it will never want you back.

Sounds simple, but this mindset shift can have a huge effect on your success with women and most guys never gain this “pizza awareness.”

“Most guys never gain ‘pizza awareness’…”


Now, if she falls in love with you and then realizes that you’ll never be interested in her, she might give up, but she didn’t fall in love with you because you love her.

The key is to find out what kind of guy your ideal woman is ACTUALLY attracted to, the kind of guy she ACTUALLY dates, and the kind of guy she ACTUALLY falls in love with and become that guy.

It’s the exact opposite approach to the one most men take and it’s the only one that works.

This is where you stop “trying to get” women and start attracting them naturally.

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In that case, you already KNOW how to be like the most delicious slice of pizza in the world to a woman.

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