Private Coaching

Your small paradigm shifting tweaks certainly made the difference - especially what works for success and in other areas of life doesn't work in dating as it is counter-intuitive. Also, I have forgotten about the girl from Canada - it is funny how having many options works wonders on the mind...thank you!

- Kal A. Seattle, WA

To make sure you get MAXIMUM VALUE from our coaching session, you MUST meet the following 3 criteria before our coaches will agree to work with you one-on-one:

  • You MUST have a SPECIFIC GOAL...(we will map out a specific plan to reach it together), OR You MUST have a SPECIFIC PROBLEM (we will solve it together).
  • You MUST be be ready to TAKE ACTION. We can help you, but only if you'll act on what we come up with.
  • You MUST be ready to FACE REALITY...We won't sugar-coat anything because we care about your RESULTS. So, if you're not ready for that, we won't be a good fit.

Still Want to Work With Us?

Excellent...Let's Get Started:

"How much does Private Coaching cost?"

Great Question. There are 2 options:

Option 1: Private, ONE-ON-ONE Coaching via Skype

One of our coaches will jump on Skype with you for ONE (1) HOUR.

Cost: $500

If you're interested in this option (and you can afford it comfortably), please send an email to: DatingAdvice4MenWhoLoveWomen [at] with the SUBJECT: "I Want Skype Coaching."

We will send you a quick 3-question "test" to make sure we can actually help you, to make sure we are a good fit, and to make sure you qualify. Then, if everything checks out, we'll schedule your session.

Option 2: Join Our Private Secret Facebook Coaching Group

Ask any question any time and you will have an answer as soon as we can possibly get to it.

Cost: $25/Month (Cancel ANY TIME - no hassles and we'll remain friends).

If you're interested in this option, click here to get started. (Click Here) >>>

**If you have a question, don't be shy!! Feel free to send your questions to: DatingAdvice4MenWhoLoveWomen [at] We read every email and do our very best to answer as many as we can.

***If you are the kind of guy who's ready for a big change, you think you can afford it, and you want to meet with a coach one-on-one IN PERSON, send an email to DatingAdvice4MenWhoLoveWomen [at] with the SUBJECT: "I Want In-Person Coaching." (If we are a good fit and our schedule allows, working with guys in person is our favorite and best method of coaching).


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