What the 2016 US Election Reminds Us About Dating Women

When it comes to rating a woman’s interest in you and evaluating her character, ONLY look at her ACTIONS.

So, her saying (or texting you saying) she’s really excited to meet up with you doesn’t matter.

Her showing up for your date on time in an excited mood does.

Her saying she likes you (or texting you nice things) doesn’t matter.

Her kissing you enthusiastically does.

Her saying she loves you doesn’t matter.

Her treating you well does.

See, we all say things to protect other people’s feelings, to protect our reputation as a “nice” person, or based merely on the mood we’re in at any given moment.

And, whenever you try to predict the future instead of waiting for the RESULTS, you project either wishful thinking or your fears and insecurities into what you think will happen or what reality might be.

Almost everyone thought that people would vote a certain way in this most recent US election.

People SAID they would vote a certain way in pre-election polls.

It seemed almost pre-determined…until the ACTUAL RESULT came in.

The point is to WAIT until you actually KNOW what she does. Then, instead of reacting, respond appropriately at that point.

Being reactive just means that you EXPECTED a certain outcome that didn’t happen, and now you are having a hard time dealing with it not happening. Being non-reactive (1/4 of your attractiveness to women) requires you to be patient and SEE WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS. Only then do you respond.

And, if you wait until then, you’ll have all of your mental and emotional energy available for your response because you didn’t waste it on either overly positive expectations that are now making you overly emotional because they didn’t get met or on reality-defying self-sabotage that wasted your energy when the result turned out to be positive.

The truth is you can ONLY tell how interested she is in you and who she is as a person by her ACTIONS (not her words).

Don’t comfort yourself with false hope OR bring yourself down with false self-defeating thoughts. Read her actions to know EXACTLY where you stand instead. Wait to see what happens in reality.

See, you CAN handle the truth my friend.

It’s better to know reality sooner and feel a little pain than to be fooled by her verbal judo and feel much more pain later. It’s also better to wait and see if maybe what happens ends up being better than you think it might be than to sabotage yourself out of some ill-conceived “self-protection” scheme full of negative thoughts.

That allows you to stop wasting time THINKING about what MIGHT happen and start using your energy for what’s really going on around you in this moment instead.

More importantly, it allows you to stop wasting time with women who really aren’t interested in you and start spending it with the women who are right for you.

Because women WILL say nice things to you to protect your feelings and prevent a negative social interaction with you.

Some can even maintain a false narrative with you for YEARS (she might have lost interest in you months or years ago and never say anything…).

It’s MUCH better to be with a woman who likes you and who treats you well than a woman who says nice things to you while hooking up with anyone but you and/or not being interested in you at all (anymore) while you’re oblivious to that reality waiting, hoping, and expecting her to magically start liking you (again) or treating you the way you deserve to be treated someday.

You’re better than that my friend.

And I’m deadly serious about this: you ARE an awesome guy and there ARE plenty of high-quality women out there who ARE right for you and who ARE interested in you.

All you have to do is believe that yourself and start expressing it using the tips we share with you right here in this blog and in our email newsletter.

We’ll keep getting a little better every day and watch as the HUGE RETURNS come in more and more over time.



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